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B-Line Cabinets

Whether you're looking to house a simple back office environment or host cutting edge technologies, Eaton's B-Line business can offer a solution to meet the demands of most applications. With four rack platforms on offer and the backup of a diverse range of accessories, Eaton's B-Line business has the solution for your application.

Draka UC-Connect

As part of the Prysmian Group, Draka are one of the worlds leading brands within the cable industry. Their comprehensive UC-Connect product range for copper and fibre offers a cabling solution for all applications

Ortronics Mighty Mo

The Mighty Mo range of racks are the first of their kind to combine enhanced cable management with superior airflow in a rack. Including the new Mighty Mo 20 which is the most complete offering yet. For efficient cooling, proper airflow must be maintained and the Mighty Mo range is ideal for maintaining hot and cold aisle airflow, whether your network is front to back, bottom or side venting.

Ortronics Infinium Fibre

Ideal for data centre, SAN or enterprise LAN applications, OptiMo fibre optic solutions support common, convenient approaches to fibre optic cabling. With advanced engineered solutions OptiMo solutions allow for neat and flexible cable routing leading to simple adds, moves and changes. Modular optical cassettes provide a system that is simple to design, quick to install, highly reliable, error proof and allows flexibility for growth.

Trident Data

X-Space UK

Space being a key concern when planning your comm's room or data centre environment, X Space UK panels are mounted in seconds to cable tray within the rack to offer zero U solution. You can choose a variety of standard outlet presentations or a bespoke manufacturing service to suit your individual requirements.

Draka OM3 4 Core 50/125 Tight Buffered Int/Ext

Multimode Enhanced 50/125

Transmission speed up to 10 Gb/s or higher

Optimised at 850nm but also suited to 1300nm

Supports 1000m link length for 1000BASE-LX and 300m for 10GBASE-SX systems

Tight Buffered Construction

Utilizes BendBright Technology



Application and Installation

This distribution or mini-break-out cable can be used for many indoor applications and outdoor applications. The cable features Drakas new and improved ES9 tight buffer.

Typical cable applications include: LAN and WAN backbones, central office interconnections, backbones in data centres, and many other.

The cable is suited for installation in ducts and on trays. The cable features an UV stabilised, water and moisture resistant FireBur® sheathing, the cable is thus well suited for outdoor runs; but is not longitudinal waterblocked.


EN 187 000

IEC 60794-2

IEC 60794-2-20

ISO 11801 2nd edition

EN 50 173-1


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